Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Book Review

Left for Dead by Kevin O'Brien.

What would you do if you woke up in a hospital and couldn't remember your name or your family? What if the only thing you know is that you have a gun wound in the center of your chest? What if you found out that you were the only victim of a serial killer that stayed alive? Would you feel lucky?

In Kevin O'Brien's mystery thriller, Left for Dead, Clare Shaw finds herself in the hospital with a bullet would in her chest and is told that she is the only victim of a serial killer, called Rembrandt, who managed to stay alive. Rembrandt stalks women, abducts and kills them, paints their faces, and leaves their lifeless body where someone could find it. The only problem is that she cannot remember anything and soon realizes someone is watching her.

When she starts to get her memory back she is reunited with her husband and her best friend, but quickly realizes that they are not telling her something. Her son has run away and she knows the story their telling her is a lie. She also notices a figure in a hooded jacket is stalking her every move. Tim Sullivan is placed on guard duty to watch Clair after her and her husband go back home, but after a couple attempts on his life her realizes that someone doesn't want him to be there. Claire also notices that the community is hiding something from her about her son.

This is the scariest most suspenseful book you will ever read. You will find you can't put the book down in this page turning thriller! You will alos find your self looking over your shoulder when you're by yourself. I highly recommend this book to peope who are just starting to get into reading and want to get hooked, as well as reading fanatics that want to read the best book you will ever read. Left for Dead is Stephen King meets Robert Crais. O'Brien goes beyond the suspense to the point where you just can't stop reading. -staff reviewer

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