Friday, November 7, 2014

Teen READ Week Events Continue

Taft Charter High School is celebrating Teen Read Week, October 12-18, 2014 with special events and programs that are continuing through mid-November encouraging teens to read for the fun of it! Thousand of libraries, schools and bookstores across the country hold similar events centered on this year's theme: Turn Dreams into Reality @ your library.

1. Sign up to be part of the Teen Advisory Board!
2. Enter the Geek Your Library Video PSA Contest
    Entry forms are available in the library for students to create a PSA (public       service announcement to promote some aspect of the Taft Library research     Center and Reading! Your entry will be judged on creativity, message              clarity & relevance, motivation & impact, overall impact. Entries are due   
    Friday, November 14, 214 at 5:00pm to
3. Did you vote for your favorite magazines to add to the Taft CHS Library 
   collection? Don't wait!

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